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By Timileyin Olanrewaju


Want to know why Pisces individuals are hated? Look no further; this article offers possible causes people tend to dislike such individuals.

I will start this article by explaining who Pisceans are. Then, I will discuss some reasons people may dislike them.

Toward the conclusion, I will answer some common questions about this topic in the article’s FAQ section.

Who Are Pisceans

Who Are Pisces

To start with, Pisces is one of the twelve zodiac signs in astrology. Each sign depicts distinct characteristics attributed to individuals that fall under the sign’s stipulation.

Hence, when your birth date falls between February 19 and March 20, you are a Piscean. Therefore, there are some traits or behavior you are believed to exhibit based on Astrology.

According to usatoday.com, some of Pisces’ traits include creativity, imagination, compassion, and love. However, you should know that not every behavior is solely attributed to someone’s zodiac sign.

Moreover, there are two sides of a coin regarding zodiac signs. Essentially, there are positive and negative sides when considering traits in astrology.

Often called the water sign, Pisces has a symbol of two fish swimming in the opposite direction. Population-wise, Pisceans make up roughly 9.1% of the earth’s population, according to indastro.com.

Reasons People Dispise Pisces

While everyone is unique in their way, zodiac signs are helpful to some extent in predicting someone’s character. However, individuals may possess various characteristics that can vary within the same zodiac sign.

Nonetheless, below are common traits of Pisceans that may cause people to dislike them.

1. Empathetic And Overly Sensitive

Pisces are known to be empathetic and hyper-sensitive, and it’s not a bad thing. However, it could be a factor some people dislike them.

Basically, when someone is overly sensitive, they tend to react more intensely to situations, according to insider.com. This behavior can sometimes be irrational, causing people to despise Pisces.

Moreover, being empathetic, some Pisces individuals may feel uncomfortable facing difficult conversations. This is often due to their desire to maintain harmony.

Hence, they often avoid difficult conversations rather than addressing them directly. Over time, this behavior might not sit well with people who prefer conflict resolution.

2. Mostly Indecisive

Archetypal astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar says, “Pisces can be the ultimate shapeshifter and chameleon, making it very difficult to decide on just about everything.”

Essentially, due to their intuitive and imaginative nature, Pisces individuals may find it challenging to make firm decisions. Moreover, their empathetic nature can make them consider various perspectives, leading to a struggle to settle on a definitive choice.

Sadly, being indecisive might not sit well with many people, causing them to detest Pisces individuals. In fact, according to marriage.com, indecisiveness can be a damaging factor in one’s relationship.

3. Retreat From Reality

Refinery29.com lists escaping from reality as one of the most common traits of Pisceans.

As a result, most people see them as dreamers who retreat to their imaginative world to avoid challenges. They also do this to escape a problem or an obligation, as pointed out by leadbystars.com.

Consequently, some may perceive this act as a lack of accountability and despise them. Moreover, the tendency of Pisces to retreat from reality makes it difficult to interact with them, tagging them as unreliable.

4. Manipulative

Due to their strong emotional intelligence, Pisces can easily manipulate the emotions of others, as stated by thefab20s.com. They can also hide or alter their emotions to manipulate people.

Practically, Pisceans can hide their true emotions while showing a different one for others to believe. This could be unintentional or for personal gain.

However, manipulation often leaves a trace of insincere emotional expressions. Hence, when people eventually notice this pattern, they may quickly dislike Pisces individuals.

5. Unattainable Expectation

Pisceans love the idea of perfection in a relationship or situation. Moreover, according to purewow.com, they can be perfectionists.

They tend to set high standards for how certain situations should be, which are mostly unrealistic. If this expectation fails to materialize, it may lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration.

This situation might make those at the receiving end uncomfortable and resentful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question
1. Are Pisces Indecisive?

According to various sources, Pisces individuals can be indecisive, which is one reason people dislike them.

2. Is Dating A Pisces Hard?

Dating a Pisces or anyone can have its challenges. However, it ultimately depends on the compatibility and dynamics between the two individuals involved.

While Pisces are loving, their emotional nature can be a problem. To give more detail, Pisces individuals tend to be highly empathetic and in touch with their emotions.

This can sometimes lead to mood swings or a need for emotional support and reassurance.

3. Do Pisces Believe In Love?

Yes, Pisces generally believe in love since they are empathetic and compassionate.

4. Do Pisces Hide Their Feelings?

Yes, Pisces individuals can sometimes hide their feelings or emotions. Due to their sensitive and empathetic nature, they may be cautious about expressing their true emotions openly.

5. What Is Pisces Biggest Problem?

It depends on how you view it. For some, the biggest problem with Pisces is
being too emotional, which can affect how they deal with others.

Meanwhile, some may argue that Pisces’ biggest problem is indecisiveness.


As you may already know, astrologers strongly believe that zodiac signs can provide insights into an individual’s personality traits. Besides, a research survey shows that more than a quarter of Americans believe in astrology.

In the case of Pisces individuals, they can exhibit certain traits that might cause people to hate them. For example, they are often indecisive, manipulative, sensitive, and emotional.

However, not all Pisces exhibit these traits, as individual experiences differ. Therefore, it would be wise not to judge someone solely based on their zodiac sign.

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