How To Make A Narcissist Respect You

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By Timileyin Olanrewaju


Do you find yourself in contact with a narcissist and pondering how to earn their respect? This article offers insights and strategies to help you navigate this challenging situation.

I will begin this piece by explaining the concept of narcissism and who a narcissist is. Following that, we will explore various ways to get such an individual to respect you.

Meanwhile, before the conclusion of this article, you will find an FAQ section. In that section, answers to about five of the most asked questions regarding this topic will be provided.

Who Is A Narcissist

Who Is A Narcissist

A narcissist is someone who displays a pattern of behavior characterized by an excessive and unhealthy focus on themselves. Furthermore, narcissistic individuals often have a constant need for admiration and validation, as stated by

To give more detail, narcissism is considered a personality trait and exists on a spectrum. However, says people at the end of the spectrum are those with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

NPD represents a more extreme form of narcissism. Furthermore, it’s a diagnosable mental condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and a lack of empathy, according to

In addition to that, people with NPD exhibit a pervasive pattern of grandiosity. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that not all narcissistic traits are necessarily harmful.

Some level of self-interest or self-esteem is healthy and necessary for personal growth and success. However, when these traits become extreme and negatively impact an individual’s relationships and well-being, they can be problematic.

How To Make A Narcissistic Individual Respect You

Dealing with a narcissist and trying to earn their respect can be a challenging and complex task. Individuals with narcissistic traits or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) often have difficulty empathizing with others.

Hence, it’s important to approach this situation with caution, keeping in mind that it may not always be possible to make a narcissist respect you. However, here are some strategies to help foster a more respectful interaction with a narcissist.

1. Set Clear Boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries is essential when dealing with a narcissist, as suggested by Boundaries define what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

When setting boundaries, it’s crucial to be explicit about your expectations and limits. For example, if you’re dealing with a narcissistic colleague, you can say, “I expect respectful communication during our meetings. Yelling or personal insults are not acceptable.”

Make sure the narcissist understands the consequences of crossing these boundaries, such as disengaging from the interaction. By being clear and consistent, you provide a framework for respectful interaction.

2. Be Assertive

Assertiveness is the ability to express your thoughts, needs, and boundaries clearly and confidently while respecting the rights of others. When dealing with a narcissist, it’s important to practice assertive communication.

This means stating your position firmly and directly without becoming aggressive or overly passive. For instance, if a narcissist tries to manipulate you, you can say, “I don’t appreciate when you twist my words to suit your agenda.”

By using assertive communication, you establish that you won’t tolerate manipulative tactics.

3. Maintain Self-Confidence And Practice Empathy

Confidence is an essential component of gaining respect from a narcissist. Narcissists often seek individuals they perceive as vulnerable or easily manipulated.

By maintaining your self-esteem and self-assurance, you convey that you’re not easily controlled. This might involve asserting your opinions, maintaining eye contact, speaking calmly, and being direct, as hinted by

The more confident you appear, the less likely the narcissist is to view you as a potential target for their manipulation. Besides, demonstrating empathy, even towards a narcissist, can contribute to a more respectful interaction.

While it can be challenging, acknowledging their perspective without compromising your own boundaries can create more positive communication. Empathy can help reduce tension and create a foundation for more constructive conversations.

4. Stay Calm and Emotionally Detached

Narcissists may use emotional manipulation to gain control or attention. It’s crucial to remain calm and emotionally detached when they attempt to provoke you.

Emotional reactions can be seen as a victory for them and may encourage further manipulation. Instead, by staying composed and not reacting to their provocations, you make it more challenging for them to control the situation.

You can say something like, “I understand that you’re upset, but I won’t engage in an emotional argument. Let’s discuss this rationally.”

5. Consider Disengaging

In some cases, maintaining a relationship with a narcissist may be detrimental to your well-being. If the individual’s behavior is consistently toxic and disrespectful, it may be in your best interest to distance yourself, as suggested by

You can even sever ties with them for your own mental and emotional health. Disengaging means recognizing that the relationship is not healthy and that preserving your well-being is a top priority.

This step may involve setting stricter boundaries or cutting off contact if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How Do You Deal With A Narcissist Who Disrespects You?

Dealing with a narcissist who disrespects you can be challenging. However, it’s essential to protect your well-being and maintain your self-respect in the process.

Hence, establish clear boundaries and communicate them assertively. Let the narcissist know what behaviors are unacceptable and the consequences for crossing those boundaries.

Also, keep your emotions in check when interacting with the narcissist. Narcissists often provoke emotional reactions to maintain control.

2. Can You Change A Narcissist And Make Them Respect You?

It’s challenging to change a narcissist’s core personality traits, as they often lack empathy. In addition to that, they have a strong need for control and admiration.

While you can set boundaries and influence their behavior to some extent, making a narcissist genuinely respect you may not always be possible.

3. Are There Situations When It’s Best To Disengage From A Narcissist?

Yes, in cases of chronic disrespect and toxicity, it may be necessary to disengage or limit contact to protect your well-being. Safety and self-preservation should be the top priorities.

4. How Can I Maintain Self-confidence When Dealing With A Narcissist?

Build and maintain your self-confidence by recognizing your self-worth and staying true to your values. Avoid seeking validation or approval from the narcissist, as their admiration can be conditional and manipulative.

5. Is It Possible To Outsmart A Narcissist?

Answer: While you can employ strategies to protect yourself and manage interactions, outsmarting a narcissist can be difficult. This is due to their manipulative tendencies.

The goal should be to safeguard your well-being and maintain your self-respect.


Making a narcissist respect you is a complex and challenging endeavor. Narcissists typically exhibit a pattern of behavior marked by an excessive need for admiration.

Furthermore, they have a lack of empathy and a focus on their own desires and needs. While it may not always be possible to earn their genuine respect, several strategies can help you navigate interactions with narcissistic individuals more effectively.

Gladly, this article explains five of these strategies. These strategies aid in maintaining your self-esteem and protect your well-being in interactions with narcissistic individuals.

It’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is not to change the narcissist but to prioritize your own emotional health.

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