Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Butts In The Air

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By Oluwaseun Bamisile


Curious why babies sleep with their butts in the air? Reading this article should satisfy your curiosity.

Starting this article is a section that explains various reasons infants sleep with their buttocks in the air. Afterward, we will explore some things to do when your baby sleeps in this position.

I will then discuss when newborns stop sleeping with their butts facing the sky.

Finally, this article features an FAQ section. That section answers some of the questions people mostly ask about this sleeping position.

Reasons Newborns Sleep Sticking Their Bum In The Air

Reasons Toddlers Sleep Sticking Their Bum In The Air

When sleeping with their butt facing the sky, babies can be adorable. However, are you aware there are several reasons for that behavior?

Below are some major reasons.

1. Comfort

As an adult, you may find this sleeping position uncomfortable. However, a lot of babies out there would disagree.

For most babies, this sleeping position is preferred for relaxation and self-soothing. In fact, yoga enthusiasts call the position “child’s pose,” and it has been proven to offer benefits for the body and brain.

For example, yogapractice.com says the pose relieves stress and boosts blood circulation. While babies don’t know the scientific benefits of the position, they sure know it promotes comfort.

2. Mimicking The Womb Position

The buttock in the air position is similar to the position babies take in the womb. So, sleeping in the position may be their way of recreating the cozy and secure feeling they experienced before birth.

Besides, according to multiple sources, muscle memory is a thing. Muscle memory is a neurological process that enables individuals to remember and execute specific motor tasks without conscious effort.

Hence, babies’ bodies might remember their position during the period in the womb. Thus, they can unconsciously emulate the position while sleeping after birth.

3. Temperature Regulation

As suggested by kidoneo.com, sleeping with the buttocks in the air can help babies regulate their body temperature. Heat tends to accumulate around the diaper area.

So, by elevating the buttocks, air can circulate more freely. Therefore, they can stay cool and prevent overheating.

This sleeping position allows for better air circulation, especially during warm weather. The position is also ideal when the baby wears bulky clothing or is wrapped in blankets.

4. Learning To Crawl

It is common to see newborns assume this sleeping position while learning to crawl.

According to mominthesix.com, crawling starts by getting on the knees consistently. Hence, babies can start crawling once they are comfortable with that position.  

5. Digestive Relief

Sometimes, this sleeping position may help ease gas or discomfort in the stomach. So, babies with digestive discomfort may instinctively sleep with their butts in the air.

As stated by thebabyspot.ca, the position can aid the passage of natural gas via the digestive tract. Therefore, it provides digestive relief and promotes better sleep.

What To Do When Infants Sleeps With Their Buttocks In The Air

This frog-like sleeping position is generally considered normal and harmless for babies. Nonetheless, below are some things you can do to ensure your baby’s well-being while sleeping.

1. Ensure A Safe Sleeping Environment

While sleeping, it’s essential to create a safe sleep space for your baby. This reduces the risk of accidents and promotes healthy sleep.

Hence, use a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress that fits tightly. By doing that, you can ensure no gaps could pose a safety hazard.

Remove loose bedding, pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals from your infant’s sleep area. Doing that reduces the risk of suffocation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

2. Monitor Their Breathing

When your baby observes this sleeping position, monitoring their breathing is essential. Ensure the baby’s breathing remains stable and unobstructed.

According to nationwidechildrens.org, babies naturally have irregular breathing patterns. However, consult a pediatrician if you notice difficulty breathing or unusual noises from your infant.

3. Check For Signs Of Discomfort

Several sources state babies sleeping with their buttocks facing the sky is generally harmless. However, if your baby appears uncomfortable or restless, gently reposition them.

Your baby may be more comfortable in other sleeping positions, such as on their side or back. Nonetheless, medicalnewstoday.com suggests babies’ safest sleeping position is on their backs.

4. Observe Body Temperature

Maintaining an adequate body temperature is vital for your baby’s comfort and safety. Thus, dress them in breathable cloth appropriate for room temperature while sleeping.

Also, avoid overdressing or overheating them during sleep. According to the NHS, overheating can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

5. Regularly Change Sleeping Positions

While your newborn may prefer sleeping with their bum in the air, it’s beneficial to change their sleeping positions regularly. This was stressed by medicalnewstoday.com.

Regularly changing babies sleeping positions may prevent prolonged pressure on specific areas of your baby’s body. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against side sleeping for babies, as it is unsafe.

Doing that can increase the risk of SIDS. As hinted earlier, the best sleeping position for babies is on their backs.

When Do Babies Stop Sleeping With Their Butt In The Air

When Do Babies Stop Sleeping With Their Butt In The Air

Babies can observe this sleeping position at any age. However, it is common in younger babies.

Nonetheless, they may become more comfortable in different sleeping positions as they develop. Specifically, babies become more mobile during sleep around six months and start rolling over.

Then, by 12 months, most babies can roll over and sleep in various positions. This makes it less likely for them to sleep exclusively with their bum in the air.

Nevertheless, you should remember that every baby is different. Some may continue sleeping with their buttocks in the air for longer.

As long as your baby is healthy and sleeping safely, there’s no need to worry!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Normal For Babies To Sleep With Their Bum In The Air?

Yes, it is absolutely normal and harmless for your infant to sleep with their buttocks in the air.

2. What Sleeping Position Is Best For A Baby?

According to several sources, the best sleeping position for a baby is on their back.

3. How Long Do Newborns Sleep For?

Most newborns sleep more than they are awake. According to the NHS, newborns’ total daily sleep varies.

However, they can sleep from 8 hours up to 18 hours.

4. Can Sleeping With The Butt In The Air Affect My Baby’s Development?

This sleeping position does not affect a baby’s development. Besides, babies adopt various sleeping positions as they grow and develop their muscles.

5. Is Sleeping With Their Buttocks In The Air Comfortable For Babies?

For most babies, this sleeping position promotes comfort.


It is quite common for babies to sleep with their butts in the air. This sleeping position can be attributed to various factors, including comfort, digestive relief, and mimicking the womb position.

Although sleeping with their bum in the air is harmless, it’s vital to prioritize safe sleep practices. Gladly, this article provided several things to do when your baby sleeps in this position to ensure their well-being.

We also discussed when infants stop sleeping with their buttocks in the air. Nevertheless, even though this sleeping position isn’t dangerous, the safest sleeping position for newborns is on their backs.

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