Why Can’t I Follow People On Tiktok

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Can’t follow people on TikTok? Worry not; this article enlightens you on the possible causes and remedies for this situation.

I will begin this article by explaining the various factors that may contribute to this problem. Then, we will explore tips on how you can resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, our FAQ section will address questions people frequently ask related to this topic.

Reasons You Are Unable To Follow TikTokers

Reasons You Are Unable To Follow TikTokers

TikTok may not allow you to follow users for several reasons. When you cannot add other creators through this platform, it may hinder your account from growing.

Some of these reasons for this problem include;

1. Your Following Rate Is Too Much

Constantly following a large number of people within a short period of time makes Tiktok suspicious of your motives. According to littleeagles.edu.vn, you can follow 25 – 30 TikTokers within one hour or up to 200 accounts a day.

This restriction is in place to prevent spam and abuse, ensuring a better experience for all users. As a result, exceeding these limits prevents you from following additional users.

This limit is essential to maintain the quality of interactions on the platform and prevent excessive following behavior or spamming.

2. Age Restrictions

TikTok is designed for users over a certain age, typically 13 years old or older, according to newsroom.tiktok.com. This age requirement complies with child privacy regulations.

Furthermore, it aims to protect young users from inappropriate content and interactions.

Hence, users who are below the minimum age threshold may have limited interactions on TikTok. This can include the inability to follow other users.

These restrictions are intended to create a safer online environment for minors and ensure compliance with relevant legal standards.

3. Bans or Restrictions

TikTok enforces community guidelines and terms of service that users must adhere to. Thus, violations of these rules can result in temporary or permanent restrictions, including the ability to follow other users.

Moreover, TikTok may notify users of these restrictions, explaining the reason for the action taken. This measure is in place to maintain a safe and respectful environment on the platform and discourage inappropriate behavior.

Thus, it’s essential for users to review TikTok’s policies and guidelines to understand what is expected of them while using the platform.

4. Server or Network Problems

TikTok, like any online platform, can experience server-related issues or high traffic periods. This may impact your ability to perform certain actions, including following people.

In fact, statista.com states that a seven-year-old server has an annual average downtime of 6.7 hours. Meanwhile, a two-year-old server has only 2.5 hours of downtime per year.

High server loads or network problems can lead to delays and disruptions in various TikTok functions. During such times, users may experience difficulties in sending follow requests or navigating the app.

These issues are often temporary and are resolved as the platform’s servers stabilize.

5. Technical Issues

Technical issues can sometimes hinder your ability to follow people on TikTok. App glitches, outdated software, or device-related problems can disrupt various functions on the platform.

These include the ability to follow people on the app.

How To Address TikTok’s Follow Issue

Addressing TikTok’s follow issues requires understanding the specific cause of the problem and taking appropriate actions. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to address various follow-related issues on TikTok.

1. Patiently Wait

As the famous saying goes, patience is a virtue. Waiting patiently may be necessary when you cannot follow people on TikTok due to exceeding the daily or hourly follow limit.

This limit is in place to prevent spam and abuse and maintain a high-quality user experience.

2. Update Or Reinstall TikTok

Most top apps release 1 – 4 monthly updates, while already having a plan for upcoming features, according to Alchemer.com. Hence, ensure that your TikTok app is up to date by visiting your device’s app store and checking for updates.

An updated app often contains bug fixes and improvements. If issues persist, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Reinstallation can resolve any software bugs that may be causing the problem. Additionally, check your device’s internet connection – a stable internet connection is essential for TikTok’s functionality.

Problems with connectivity, such as slow or interrupted internet, can impact your ability to use the app effectively.

3. Check TikTok’s Server Status

TikTok heavily relies on its servers to create services for its users. Hence, the server must function flawlessly to ensure the platform receives an adequate supply of features.

Therefore, you may need to check if server-related issues cause your inability to follow people on TikTok. You can check downdetector.com to view the platform’s status to verify whether it is having downtime.

You can also check TikTok’s official social media channels or support pages for updates on any known issues and estimated resolutions. However, there is little you can do directly.

It’s best to be patient and wait for TikTok’s technical team to resolve these issues.

4. Contact TikTok Support

Contacting TikTok support can be an effective way to address several issues you might encounter on the platform, including follow-related issues. TikTok support is staffed with experts who are familiar with the platform’s features, policies, and potential issues.

When you contact TikTok support, you gain access to their knowledge and expertise. Additionally, they can provide personalized guidance and solutions based on the specific issue you’re facing.

Besides, if you’ve been banned or restricted, you may need to appeal the decision by contacting TikTok’s support team. Also, they could help to address the specific restrictions or bans placed on your account.

They can provide instructions for appealing or resolving these issues, helping you to regain full access to TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How Old Is TikTok?

TikTok was launched in 2016. Hence, as of the time of publishing this article, the platform is seven years old.

2. Is TikTok An American Platform?

No, it isn’t. TikTok is owned by a Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

3. Is TikTok Free?

Yes, it is totally free to install and use TikTok.

4. Who Is The CEO Of TikTok?

During the period this article was written in 2023, the CEO of TikTok is Shou Zi Chew.

5. Is TikTok Available On The App Store?

Yes, TikTok is available on the App Store.


The inability to follow people on TikTok can be attributed to various factors. These include following limit, age, technical issues, server or network problems, and account restrictions.

TikTok, like other social media, is designed to provide a safe environment for its users. Hence, these measures are in place to maintain an ideal user experience and protect the privacy and security of users.

Addressing follow-related issues on TikTok involves understanding the specific cause of the problem and taking appropriate actions. This may include managing your following or updating the app.

Contacting TikTok support can be a valuable resource in these situations. They offer expert assistance, facilitate issue resolution, and provide guidance on platform policies.

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