What to Say When Someone Says Sorry for Your Loss

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By Timileyin Olanrewaju


Wondering what to say when someone says, “Sorry for your loss”? This article suggests suitable replies when you receive such a condolence greeting.

I will start this article by explaining why people say, “Sorry for your loss.” Then, we shall explore several replies to utter when someone uses such a phrase for you.

Finally, I will conclude the article with an FAQ section that answers questions related to the topic.

Why People Say “Sorry For Your Loss”

Why People Say "Sorry For Your Loss"

The phrase “sorry for your loss” is a common expression of condolences offered to someone who has experienced the death of a loved one. People say this to express their sympathy and support during a difficult and emotional time.

Furthermore, it is a respectful and formal way to acknowledge the death of someone’s loved one. In addition to that, it conveys a sense of seriousness and empathy.

Besides, the phrase is widely accepted in many cultures and languages, making it a universally understood way to offer condolences.

While “Sorry for your loss” is a commonly used phrase, it’s important to remember that there are many other ways to express condolences. Some people may offer more personalized and heartfelt messages to show their support and care for the grieving individual.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to be there for the grieving person and offer them whatever support they need during a challenging time.

Words to Say When Somebody Utters “Sorry for Your Loss”

When you experience a loss, various people are likely to visit your home or reach out to offer their condolences. Finding the proper response might be challenging, and you may be short of words.

Here are some responses you may give when somebody says, “Sorry for your loss.”

1. “Thanks for Reaching Out. It Means A Lot”

When someone offers condolences with the phrase “sorry for your loss,” they extend their sympathy and support. Responding with, “Thanks for reaching out. It means a lot,” is a heartfelt way to express your appreciation.

Moreover, this reply is particularly fitting when you receive condolence greetings from friends, family members, and co-workers. It shows you appreciate their support and acknowledge the positive impact of their condolences on your emotional well-being.

2. “I Appreciate Your Thoughts and Prayers”

Some people may express their sympathy by saying, “I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re in my thoughts”. In response, you can simply say, ‘I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Likewise, religious leaders or fellow friends of the same faith may expressively say, “We’re keeping you in our prayers.” In such cases, it is only fitting to appreciate them for keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

3. “Thank You So Much For Your Care and Concern”

There are some deep condolence messages, acts, and gestures that are heartfelt and with much concern. In this scenario, you may know the right words should be “Thank you so much for your care and concern.”

For instance, someone might say, “I’m truly sorry for your loss. Please let me know how I may be of help.” Another condolence message could be, “I’m sorry for your loss. I am always here if you need me.”

In moments when people offer not only condolences but also practical help and support, this is a suitable response – “Thank you so much for your care and concern.”

4. “Thanks. It’s Been Rough, But I’m Getting By”

This response, “Thanks. It’s been rough, but I’m getting by,” expresses gratitude for people’s concern about your well-being. It also shows how you have been coping with the situation.

For example, people might say words like, “I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. How are you holding up?” When you hear a phrase like this, this tagged response is sincere and reassuring.

5. “Your Support Means The World To Me Right Now”

After a tragedy, it can be difficult to process your feelings or know what to say when people offer their condolences. When close friends give comforting messages, you may reply with the phrase, “Your support means the world to me right now.”

The response emphasizes the importance of the love and care you have received from your close pals. It also shows your heartfelt appreciation that their support is much more needed during this challenging period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How Do You Thank Someone For Condolences?

There are several heartfelt and appreciative ways to thank someone who offers condolences. You may simply say, “Thank you for your kind words,” or “Thank you for your care and support.”

2. What Is Another Word For Condolences?

According to thesaurus.com, another word for condolences could be sympathy, consolation, or commiseration.

3. Do You Thank Someone For Saying Sorry For Your Loss?

Yes, you can thank someone for making this statement. It is a way of showing gratitude for their support and sympathy during a difficult time.

4. Why Do People Say Sorry For Your Loss?

“Sorry for your loss” is a common phrase people often use to offer condolences
to someone who has just experienced the death of a loved one. It typically expresses your sympathy and words of comfort to the grieving family.

5. Can You Say Deepest Condolences?

Yes, you may say “deepest condolences.” The phrase shows that you deeply sympathize with someone who has experienced a significant loss or tragedy.


Experiencing a loss or tragedy can be very challenging in a way that breaks you down emotionally. During this period, several people, including friends and family, will likely come around to offer their condolences.

Consequently, you are subjected to receiving their messages and words of sympathy, whether in person or online. During this period, you may be overwhelmed, and knowing the right response to say might be tough.

Thankfully, this article highlighted several responses that are fitting for when someone says, “sorry for your loss.”

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