Whisper Method Explained: Desire, Visualize, And Manifest

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By Oluwaseun Bamisile


Ever come across the whisper method on social media but don’t know what it is? This article explains every vital detail about this manifestation technique.

Starting this article is a section that discusses what the whisper technique is. Then, I will provide the necessary steps to perform the technique.

After that, we will examine when to expect it to start working.

Lastly, an FAQ section will answer common questions about this manifestation technique.

What Is The Whisper Method

What Is The Whisper Method

The whisper method is a manifestation technique to get someone to do what you want. It could involve the person texting back, approving a job promotion, or apologizing.

Interestingly, the technique can also involve affirming desires to one’s self.

Moreover, this manifestation technique has become a viral sensation on social media, especially Tiktok.

When we published this article in June 2023, the #whispermethod hashtag had over 215.2 million views on Tiktok alone. In fact, today.com describes Tiktoker Sarah Perl (@hothighpriestess) as one of the pioneers of this method.

How To Perform The Whisper Manifestation Technique

You must picture yourself whispering your wishes into someone’s ear to practice the whisper method. Eyemindspirit.com reveals that this establishes a subconscious connection to a particular vibrational frequency.

Hence, it can influence a person’s actions and thoughts. However, even though this may sound seamless, it is not as easy as you think.

Follow the steps below to manifest your desires using the whisper strategy.

Step 1: Decide Your Desire

Everyone has different desires when they practice this manifestation technique. Hence, definitively deciding what you want is very important for this procedure.

Think about what you want and make your desire as specific as possible. Once you have a general idea of your desire, think about how it should happen and focus on that.

For example, “I want a car in the form of a gift” or “I desire to experience love through receiving text messages from my crush.” However, you need to focus on realistically attainable desires.

Also, wikihow.com suggests making your desires positive. Otherwise, you might end up manifesting negative energy in your life.

Step 2: Picture The Person You Want To Whisper To

After deciding what you want, visualize the closest person to your desire. For instance, your boss is the closest to your desire if you want a promotion.

To properly picture a person, close your eyes and imagine a location that resonates with the person. Furthermore, the whisper technique requires specific location details and the person in the setting.

Also, imagine the person’s physical appearance, such as hair, body type, skin color, etc. However, if your desire has to do with yourself, picture yourself as the person you will be whispering to.

Step 3: Whisper Your Desire

Imagine approaching the person you want to whisper to. However, imagine yourself as a ghost rather than a physical person, as indicated by wikihow.com.

Then, visualize yourself whispering your desire in their ear. Several sources recommend whispering your desire three times, using the exact words every time.

You could also whisper your desire in your head or out loud. However, ensure you phrase your wants with your name and speak about yourself in a third-person point of view.

For example, you can say, “call Mike and ask him out tomorrow,” or “Janet is hardworking, give her a promotion.”

Step 4: Visualize Your Desire Being Manifested

After whispering your desire, visualize what it would feel if it became a reality. Believe wholeheartedly that it has come true.

Visualize the person doing exactly what you want them to do. Additionally, imagine enjoying how good your life is as if your desire has become a reality.

Do anything to help you get the feeling of having your desire. According to the law of attraction, we attract things that match our energy.

So, if we feel joyful, we attract positive things. Apparently, the whisper method uses the law of attraction principles, as hinted by several sources.

Step 5: Free Your Mind

In this final stage, most people tend to fall short. This is because they constantly worry about when or how the method will start working.

So, freeing your mind and acting as if your wish has been fulfilled is advisable. If you think about it too much, you’re telling your subconscious that you’re “lacking” something, as stated by eyemindspirit.com.

This might affect the results of the whisper technique.

When Does The Whisper Technique Start Working

When Does The Whisper Strategy Start Working

As implied by millennial-grind.com, the whisper method starts working immediately after you perform it. However, noticeable changes may take a couple of weeks to become apparent.

Meanwhile, some individuals may experience relatively quick results. Regardless, it’s essential to trust in the process and maintain a positive mindset.

Approach the manifestation technique with patience and an open mind. The timeline for manifestation can depend on several factors, as stressed by oprahdaily.com.

This includes the complexity of the desire, belief, and level of alignment with the desire. Thus, avoid negative energy, feeling sorry for yourself, and self-doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s The O Method?

According to thetab.com, the O Method is a manifestation technique that makes someone imagine their deepest desire during orgasm.

2. Is Manifestation A Sin?

As long as your intentions are pure, manifestation is not sinful. It can be helpful to improve one’s situation, assist others, and develop self-assurance.

3. What Is The Whisper Technique?

The whisper technique is a manifestation technique that involves affirming your desires to someone. It also involves affirming desires to one’s self.

4. Can The Whisper Method Be Used For Manifesting Both Material And Non-Material Desires?

You can use the whisper technique to manifest material and non-material desires. It is a versatile technique that can be applied to various aspects of life, including relationships and careers.

5. Can The Whisper Technique Be Combined With Other Manifestation Techniques?

Yes, the whisper technique can be combined with other manifestation techniques.


The whisper method is quite popular on social media, introducing many individuals to the art of manifestation. It involves visualizing yourself whispering your desires into someone’s ear with the hopes of them being fulfilled.

While the strategy doesn’t guarantee instant results, it is a great way to start living with a positive mindset. Fortunately, this article explained this manifestation technique and the steps to practicing it.

We also discussed when the technique starts working.

I hope you found the article insightful. Sharing it with your friends and family on social media would be nice if you did.

Finally, visit our Life Hack page to explore similar articles.

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