What Happens When You Ignore A Gaslighter

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By Oluwaseun Bamisile


Are you in a relationship with a gaslighter and wonder what would happen if you ignored such a person? This article answers all your questions.

I will start this article by explaining who a gaslighter is. Then, we will discuss various outcomes of neglecting a gaslighter.

Following that, I will provide tips for dealing with such an individual.

Lastly, as with most of our articles, this article also features an FAQ section. That section will answer some common questions people mostly ask regarding this article’s topic.

Who Is A Gaslighter

Who Is A Gaslighter

A gaslighter is someone who tries to make you doubt your thoughts, feelings, or reality. They manipulate situations and information so that you start to question your perceptions and memories, as hinted by medicalnewstoday.com.

This can make you feel confused, anxious, and unsure about what’s real. Gaslighters often “gaslight” to gain control over you or to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

They might twist the truth, deny things they’ve said or done, and make you feel like you’re the mistaken one. It’s a form of psychological manipulation that can harm your self-esteem and well-being, as suggested by newportinstitute.com.

Moreover, Forbes says gaslighting can come from anyone in a position of power. For example, it can come from a boss, a romantic partner, a family member, and even a doctor.

What Happens When You Disregard A Gaslighter

Ignoring a gaslighter can lead to both positive and potentially challenging consequences. Here’s a detailed look at the possible outcomes;

1. Escalation

Gaslighters thrive on controlling others’ thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. Additionally, they often seek attention and validation.

Hence, when you ignore them, you’re challenging their sense of control. This can trigger feelings of frustration and insecurity on their part.

Therefore, some gaslighters might escalate their tactics when they sense their manipulation isn’t working, as suggested by simplypsychology.org. They might become more aggressive, use guilt-tripping, or resort to different strategies to regain control over you.

In some cases, gaslighters might temporarily switch tactics and use love bombing to reel you back in and make you doubt your decision to ignore them.

2. Preserve Your Sanity

Your mental and emotional health will benefit from your decision to ignore a gaslighter, helping you preserve your sanity. Specifically, by not engaging in their manipulative tactics, you reduce stress, anxiety, and self-doubt, as implied by goodtherapy.org.

Additionally, you maintain a clearer sense of reality and prevent them from eroding your self-confidence and mental clarity. This, in turn, reduces the emotional toll they can have on your mental state.

3. Find New Victims

When you decide to ignore a gaslighter, it can create a situation where they might seek out new victims for their manipulative tactics. This is because they often rely on their ability to influence and control people’s thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, when you ignore them, you’re taking away their power over you, which can be frustrating for them. Hence, seeking new victims is their way of regaining that sense of control.

4. Anger And Retaliation

Gaslighters may feel angry and frustrated when they’re ignored. This can lead them to lash out, engage in verbal attacks, or even resort to threats to regain control.

In fact, simplypsychology.org suggest they might attempt to damage your reputation by spreading false information or rumors about you. They may want to discredit your character to gain a sense of superiority.

They could use social media, public confrontations, or other means to provoke a response.

5. Reduced Tactics

Gaslighters often manipulate to get a reaction or response from their target. Thus, when you don’t engage, you’re not providing the reinforcement they seek, which can discourage them from continuing their tactics.

Moreover, they might not understand why their usual tactics aren’t having the desired impact. This can lead to confusion and potentially discourage them from persisting in manipulative behavior.

Besides, gaslighters derive satisfaction from seeing others doubt themselves and question their reality. Hence, ignoring them can deny them the gratification of witnessing your distress, weakening their motivation to continue their tactics.

How To Deal With A Gaslighter

How To Deal With A Gaslighter

Dealing with a gaslighter can be challenging. However, there are several strategies you can employ to protect yourself and minimize their impact on your well-being.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to deal with a gaslighter.

1. Recognize The Manipulation

The first step is to become aware of the gaslighting tactics against you. According to healthline.com, gaslighting can be hard to spot because it frequently begins small and other behaviors can occasionally be mistaken for it.

Hence, educate yourself about what gaslighting is and how it works. This awareness will help you identify when you’re being manipulated.

Moreover, learn to trust your instincts. If you feel constantly confused or self-doubting after interactions with a certain person, it could be a sign of gaslighting, as hinted at by medicalnewstoday.com.

2. Stay Calm And Composed

Gaslighters often try to provoke emotional reactions. Therefore, whenever you’re interacting with them, stay composed and avoid getting defensive or angry.

Maintaining your emotional balance can help you respond more effectively. Besides, marriage.com says you shouldn’t argue with a gaslighter as they are experts in using argumentative fallacies.

3. Document Instances

According to wikihow.com, a gaslighter can make you question your sanity and sometimes doubt your memories. Therefore, record instances where you feel you’re being manipulated or gaslit.

For instance, you can save screenshots of texts with the gaslighter and note the dates and times of your conversations. This documentation can serve as evidence and help you maintain a clear perspective on the situation.

4. Practice Self-Care And Set Boundaries

Dealing with a gaslighter can be emotionally taxing. Therefore, prioritizing self-care is crucial to maintaining your well-being and resilience in the face of manipulation.

Engage in activities that bring you joy, relaxation, and a sense of fulfillment. These could include meditation, exercise, spending time with loved ones, or practicing positive self-talk.

You should also set boundaries with a gaslighter – let them know you won’t tolerate manipulation or disrespect. However, ensure to communicate your boundaries assertively, as gaslighters often test boundaries.

If possible, reduce or limit your interactions with the gaslighter. This can minimize their opportunities to manipulate and control you.

5. Seek Professional Support If Needed

If the gaslighting severely affects your mental health or safety, consider seeking guidance from a mental health professional. Mental health professionals, such as therapists or psychologists, have a deep understanding of manipulative behaviors like gaslighting.

They can help you recognize these tactics, understand their effects, and develop strategies to counteract them.

Moreover, professionals can validate your experiences, helping you understand that your feelings and perceptions are real. This validation can be particularly empowering if you’ve been made to doubt yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation where a person seeks to make others doubt their perceptions, memories, and reality. This manipulative tactic is used to undermine the victim’s confidence, distort their sense of reality, and gain control over them.

Moreover, according to happierhuman.com, the term “gaslighting” originated from a film in 1944 titled “Gas Light.”

That being said, gaslighting often involves a series of tactics and behaviors, such as denial and blame-shifting. These tactics aim to make the victim question their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

2. What Happens When You Ignore A Gaslighter?

There can be several outcomes when you disengage a gaslighter, positively or negatively. The gaslighter could reduce or escalate their manipulative tactics.

They could also move on from you to find new vulnerable victims or simply try to tarnish your image.

3. Do Gaslighters Ever Admit?

Gaslighters rarely admit to their manipulative behavior. Admitting their actions would undermine their goal of controlling and manipulating others.

Gaslighting tactics thrive on creating doubt and confusion. Hence, an admission of guilt would counteract their efforts to maintain power and control over their victims.

4. Is It Best To Ignore A Gaslighter?

Ignoring a gaslighter can be an effective strategy in certain situations. However, whether it’s the best approach depends on the context, your safety, and your overall well-being.

5. What Hurts A Gaslighter?

According to liveboldandbloom.com, the best way to hurt a gaslighter is to act emotionless.


Choosing to ignore a gaslighter can have a multifaceted impact on both yourself and the dynamics of the manipulation. Disregarding a gaslighter is a strategic response that aims to disrupt their control and manipulation over your thoughts and emotions.

By withholding the reactions they seek, you can weaken their power and regain a sense of control over your reality. However, it’s important to recognize that disengaging a gaslighter might not lead to their immediate surrender.

Some gaslighters may escalate their tactics to regain control over you. Overall, remember that your emotional well-being is paramount, and the path you choose should align with your safety and growth.

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