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InfoPress Media, the publisher of ilifeguides.com is hiring for the following roles.

1. Content Writers

Were hiring experienced writers to join our team. Writers must be able to show their previous work.

1.1 How to apply

To be considered, write a sample article using the keyword, “why does my FaceTime keep hanging up?”

Write on Google Docs. When you finish, send the link to [email protected] with the subject “Sample article for ilifeguides.”

1.2 Writing Guidelines

  1. To build your outline, run the keyword through the following questions – Why, What, When, Who, and How.
  2. Create at least two (at most three) headings based on how the above words work with the keyword. You may write up to three sections. Here is a sample article from our site: https://www.ilifeguides.com/why-is-my-wife-yelling-at-me/
  3. Use Grammarly
  4. Use active tone instead of passive tone. 
  5. Write short sentences (keep each sentence under 20 words)
  6. A paragraph must not exceed two sentences. 
  7. Use simple words that everyone would understand. Do not write to impress!
  8. Use transition words where necessary, such as “However,” “Furthermore,” and “Additionally.” 
  9. Each word in a heading must start with a capital letter. 
  10. Include relevant internal links – other relevant articles on ilifeguides.com.
  11. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE CONTENT – write unique sentences using your own words. 
  12. DO NOT WRITE USING AI, such as ChatGPT. 
  13. Don’t use a particular word excessively in your article. Use synonyms – while using Grammarly, you can double-click a word to get synonym options.  
  14. Do not use the keyword excessively in the body of your article. Instead, find and use at least three synonyms of your assigned keyword.
  15. Reference multiple sources to confirm the information and quote them where necessary within your article. Specifically, include survey studies, quotes from experts/professionals, and quotes from reliable websites that support some of your claims. 
  16. You should include at least five sources in the “References and Further Reading” section.

To pass the first stage of our assessment, your sample article MUST follow the above guidelines. When you finish, send your sample to [email protected].

2. Offsite SEO Analyst

We are hiring an experienced Offsite SEO Analyst to manage the link-building campaign for ilifeguides.com.

2.1 Requirements

To be considered for this role, you must demonstrate the ability to use a broken link building strategy to build organic links.

Here are the specific requirements for this role:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to collate relevant articles from domains with Ahrefs DA of 50+ to use in a broken link-building campaign.
  2. You must demonstrate how you find broken links from the articles you put together in 1.
  3. Show the tool you use to find the relevant contact email for your outreach emails.
  4. Show sample email templates you use for your outreach email
  5. Show proof of the success and the success rate of your previous backlink-building campaigns based on a broken link-building strategy.

2.2 How to apply

To apply, develop a broken backlink campaign plan (on Google Docs) for the article – How to Tell Someone You Cheated – following the steps in the requirements section above.

Your campaign plan must include at least three articles relevant to our target article, How to Tell Someone You Cheated. Secondly, your plan must show at least one relevant broken link in your outreach articles.

We also want to see how you found the emails of the blogger and the outreach email you intend to send to the bloggers whose articles have broken links.

After creating your broken backlink campaign plan, send the link to your Google Docs to [email protected] with the subject “Sample broken backlink campaign plan for ilifeguides.”

This is a freelance role, and successful candidates will be paid based on the organic link they acquire.

It is also crucial that InfoPress Media does NOT buy links or pay for links. This is why we use the broken backlink strategy, as it adds value to the bloggers we approach.